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Are you keeping up with the competition?

If you play video games online then the chances are that you have been outplayed, beat-up, one-tapped and humiliated in that game… by a woman. Gaming is for everyone and although some boomers hold on to their outdated views of the past, in general, gender stereotypes are slowly being eroded. Despite the sometimes toxic nature of online video games, it is one of the sectors that has silently become more diverse. When looking at the distribution of gamers by gender 36% of gamers identified as a woman in 2006, whereas in 2021 that figure had risen to 45%.[1]

Anyone can encounter a toxic gamer - have you?

When it comes to gaming, most players are not welcoming of new participants, regardless of gender identity. We’ve all been there, your mid-laner starts 0-6 in the first 10 minutes and the urge to call them every name under the sun is overwhelming. Whether you have one or 10,000 hours of game time; if you suck, you will be told to promptly uninstall and never play the game again. It is easy to forget that there is a person on the other side of that character. 

Personal preferences in video game choice across demographics

So, why are more women playing video games? If we sift through all the noise, then we can see that women have a completely different set of needs when it comes to video games. Women are more likely to find games with puzzle-solving possibilities more appealing than men (33% vs 20%)[2]. Minecraft, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing rank highly amongst popular games for women. Women have a strong preference for embracing creativity and building communities within games, which are integral parts of the listed above. Part of the allure of these games is that players can decorate and modify their space to their liking. Here at KreativeKeys we believe it shouldn’t stop there - our wide range of keyboards and keycaps allow you to build your dream keyboard. 

Girl power on the rise across popular streaming platforms

A pioneer for the Youtube gaming scene and role model for young girls everywhere, Tiffany Garcia, better known as iHasCupquake began streaming in 2010, in the decade that followed she has amassed over two billion views and currently sits on seven million Youtube subscribers. Tiffany has long been a trailblazer within the industry and set the stage for other popular streamers such as SSSniperWolf, KittyPlays and LDShadowLady. On top of being massively successful and having huge followings, these girls kick ass. It is important for budding gamer girls to have positive female influences like these incredible women to look up to. 

With that being said, the next time your daughter, sister, cousin or any woman in your life has a birthday and you can’t think of a gift for them… maybe ask if they would like a gaming keyboard, you might be surprised at the answer.


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