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Jerad Becker

I like it very much.

Flossie Lind

Very pleasant sensations from typing. The first experience of using tactile switches. Much noisier than the rulers, but quieter than the clicking, and, unlike the clicking, the feeling of tactile recoil is much smoother. The experience of using is very interesting. I also think to lubricate the rails and spring, and it should be generally fiery.

Mike Renner

I thought it was a click axis because it was a tack tile axis and the initial pressure was strong. I like it, but if you don't like it's noisy, it's recommended

Rollin Sawayn

It is very satisfying ~ The sound is good and it has come well with no Warped

Max Tromp

Very good, missing 1 switch but came perfect TD. Thank you!!

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What are ISO keycaps and what does ISO-DE mean?

ISO keycaps refer to keycap sets designed according to the International Organization for Standardization's layout for keyboards, which includes specific characteristics like the shape of the "Enter" key and the placement of certain punctuation symbols.

The language options, such as ISO-DE for German and ISO-FR for French, indicate the inclusion of language-specific characters (e.g., ä, ö, ü, ß for German, and é, à, ç, è for French) tailored to the typing needs of those language speakers. This design accommodates the unique alphabet and punctuation requirements of different languages within the standardized ISO layout framework.

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