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Emmalee O'Keefe

Cherry Escape PBT Keycap Set - ISO Options

Yazmin Cronin

The black keys are not black (as always) even tho they are selling them as black. Be careful because if you are looking for a black and white set, these are not for you.
It is very sad bacause there are a few seta in spanish ISO and this would've been perfect.

Lesley Wisoky

I'm really pleased with the set. The KEycaps, esp modifiers legends, look better in real life than on the product images. The "black" keys are dark blueish grey (typcal for PBT) but the white keys look pure. printing/dye is consistent and sharp.

Spacebars are very straight and show no warping. The only issue I see is that the legends on the German keys are a little bit smaller and bolder than the alphas.

All in all for a set thats available in many languages for the price I paid (36€) it's a very good deal.

Ahmed Hermiston

The set was complete and of high quality. I am quite statisfied with these keycaps and i am convinced that they offer good value, especially if you need a special ISO layout.
The delivery was pretty quick, even faster than the estimation.

I will happily buy again from this store.

Tessie Brakus

These are the "best" keycaps PBT in AZERTY that I 've had until then because I wanted black/white, they're soft but that's real PBT.
They are not gritty but smooth (we would believe it is ABS) but it is very particular to say... we feel that it is PBT but smooth and I prefer this aspect.
However the lettering is not really premium .. the letters are not very straight and the precision is not excellent, it is still expensive for medium lettering (some keys are cheap because it is not very straight, in clear the font used is not terrible)
Ah and the packaging was for the QWERTY, so I had to look 1 by 1 to put in AZERTY and it was boring because there are 2 letter a, one for QWERTY and AZERTY (like Z etc) and it was really boring to spot everything.
No Windows key (incomprehensible...) but a key call "Code", I put it in the place... it's not disturbing in itself but hey, I expected better from this kit!

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What are ISO keycaps and what does ISO-DE mean?

ISO keycaps refer to keycap sets designed according to the International Organization for Standardization's layout for keyboards, which includes specific characteristics like the shape of the "Enter" key and the placement of certain punctuation symbols.

The language options, such as ISO-DE for German and ISO-FR for French, indicate the inclusion of language-specific characters (e.g., ä, ö, ü, ß for German, and é, à, ç, è for French) tailored to the typing needs of those language speakers. This design accommodates the unique alphabet and punctuation requirements of different languages within the standardized ISO layout framework.

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