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Royal Kludge RK860 (96%)

Royal Kludge RK860 (96%)

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  1. 96% 100 Key Layout: Featuring independent arrow keys and number keys, this non-conflict 96% mechanical gaming keyboard is fantastic for gamers, typists and office workers. 
  2. Three Mode connectivity: Wireless bluetooth 3.0/5.0, 2.4Ghz and USB-C wired
  3. Connect up to 3 devices via bluetooth that are stored and easily switchable
  4. ABS keycaps created using the latest in double shot moulding technology, they are approx 1.5mm thick making them highly durable, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant
  5. Powerful 3750mAh Built-in Rechargeable Battery: 200 hours of battery life even with constant backlight usage and is fully charged in only 6 hours
  6. Adjustable monochromatic backlit display
  7. Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android; can be connected with a laptop, tablet or mobile phones.
Switch Comparison RK RED  RK BLUE
Style Linear Clicky Tactile
Operating Force 40g 60g
Actuation Point  2.0mm
2.3mm 2.0mm
Total Travel Distance 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm
Lifespan Keystrokes 50 million 50 million 50 million
Sound Quiet Clicky Soft
Suitable For
Office/Gaming Gaming Office/Gaming



  1.  Brand: Royal Kludge
  2.  Model: RK860
  3.  Colour: black / white
  4.  Material: ABS
  5.  Connection: bluetooth3.0 / bluetooth5.0 / 2.4GHz
  6.  Switch: Brown Switch, Red Switch, Blue Switch
  7.  Layout: 96% 100 Keys
  8.  Backlight: Monochromatic
  9.  Cable length: 1.5m
  10.  Battery: Built-in 3750mAh rechargeable li-ion battery
  11.  Supported system: for Mac OS / IOS / Windows

Package Includes:

 1x RK860 Mechanical Keyboard
 1x Charging Cable
 1x User Manual
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This keyboard as a lot of positives but a few negatives, I will be comparing it to my RK71 RGB with brown switches. The keyboard in general is a good sturdy piece of engineering, I chose the white key, blue switch variant not really knowing the difference as this is only my second mechanical keyboard. The switches make a very satisfying click when depressed, the negative is that the keycaps have a cheaper feel to them having a sharp edge and rough finish to them. There is also no dedicated end key, something I have discovered that I use a lot of while typing/editing, instead you have to switch the Numpad to directional keys and press 1 or Fn+PgDn, I would have infinitely preferred an End key to the worthless Insert key which I have really no use for. There are workarounds you have to download PowerToys to remap that's a bit of a hassle and only good for PCs, I don't know of any workarounds for phones or tablets (Not sure about Macs either, I don't have an iPay computer). My muscle memory tells me that the up arrow key is where the 1 on the number pad is and find I'm typing numbers instead of moving the cursor. The backlight is a warmer light and gives off more of a creamy coloured light through the keys and is higher in intensity than my RK71. The Bluetooth connection is way better on this, staying connected for longer and the battery life is far superior it seems, I've been using it for the last few days without having to recharge it yet, perhaps the white backlit is less power hungry than the RGB. Wired connection while it was charging is flawless as would be expected. The instructions are mostly Chinese with very little English, luckily the keyboard is pretty streamlined and works much like the RJK71. I would have preferred the RGB version if it were available, but as a whole I am relatively happy with this keyboard minus the quirks. Going forward I think that if I keep this keyboard I will swap out the keycaps and try and reprogram the Insert key. Top is RK71.


Excellent quality keyboard. Highly Recommended!


Excellent product


Finding a wireless keyboard was a real challenge for me. I was lucky to find this one. I was looking for something more compact than my Corsair k68 with red switches. I'll start with the switches, the version I ordered has brown switches, and I must admit, I like them more in terms of how they feel. I had the opportunity to try blue (with a click), red (linear) and brown (tactile) switches, of which I prefer brown. The click irritated me a little, the linear ones were too easy to press, but the brown are perfect with a little resistance. The build quality is good enough, I can't compare it with the Corsair, since the cost of the Corsair is 2 times higher, but in spite of this I am more than satisfied. The wireless connection is present both with a dongle and bluetooth, I did not notice any loss of connection. What can i say... Compact, minimalist, with excellent (for me switches), wireless, ideal for both gaming sessions and typing - what I was looking for. Would absolutely recommend!


amazing!! everything works perfectly and its very sturdy.The quality is very good on the keycaps and the keyboard overall.

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