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GamaKay MK61 (60%)

GamaKay MK61 (60%)

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  1. 61 Key 60% Compact Minimalist Keyboard
  2. PBT Double-shot Pudding Keycaps 
  3. Gateron Optical Switch available in Red / Blue / Brown / Green 
  4. Exclusive Gateron Yellow V2 also available
  5. RGB backlit display. Choose between 6 themed lightning effects, 16 million colours. Adjust the speed and brightness of the lights to achieve the effect you want
  6. Hot-swappable RK Switches allow you to replace 3 pins/5 pins switches freely to create your own unique keyboard
  7. All buttons are programmable and saved with the built-in large-capacity memory
  8. Type-c USB connection, compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.
  9. Supports NKRO
  10. IPX4 Waterproof
  11. Ergonomically Designed
Switch Comparison RED BLUE BROWN  GREEN
Style Linear Clicky Tactile Clicky
Operating Force 45g 60g
55g 80g
Actuation Point  2.0mm
2.3mm 2.0mm 2.3mm
Total Travel Distance 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm
Sound Quiet Clicky Soft
Suitable For
Office/Gaming Gaming Office/Gaming Typist/Gaming
  • Gateron Pro Yellow V2
    • Linear
    • Actuation: 60g
    • Travel: 3.4mm
    • Quiet
    • Office/Gaming



  1. Brand: GAMAKAY
  2. Model: MK61
  3. Layout: 61 Keys 60% Keyboard
  4. Keycaps: PBT Double-shot Pudding Keycaps
  5. Backlight: RGB Backlight, 16 million colours
  6. Connection: Type-C 3.1
  7. Voltage: 5V ≤ 350mA
  8. Support: for Mac OS / Windows / Linux / Android

Package includes:

1x GAMAKAY MK61 61 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

1x Type-C Cable

1x User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Decent for those looking to purchase a 60% gamer keyboard. Personally, I would not say that this is a great board to modify, I strongly suggest the GK61. I feel like with this board, the modding potential is not necessary. Modifying this keyboard after using it for a while would be more preferable, otherwise if you are going for a custom build, go with something else. This is more for a person who wants a compact gaming keyboard with some extra perks that they may occasionally use. Performance wise, no problems to issue so far. The board is very durable. Some keycaps have a little inconsistenty with the pudding design. The translucent parts aren't entirely straight / aligned with the rest of the keycaps. FN combos are very limited, or do not work at all. Included in the box is a manual, going over the FN combos for the LED lighting either does not work or refuses to change. This may only be my board that is affected because I've seen videos where other FN combos work but refuse to work for me. The build quality is what you expect from a board in this price range. Similar quality to the GK61. (In the photo, I have flipped the space bar due to preference and the K & L keycaps have been switched, also due to preference)


it is beautiful those who deliver are very good vibe satisfaction and the time to actuate a key is amazing and very aesthetic the keyboard is very compact wine without any failure a very little beaten the box only has a gap but it is tiny good service I love it certainly I recommend the keyboard


Super fast shipping, box arrived perfect, keyboard simply amazing, I used a keyboard with Otemu blue switches and now with that yellow v2 gate is simply absurd the difference much better the feeling and speed of response. It came with 4 extra switches for testing, Blue, Red, Black and Brown.


good. remember people, after u buy this keebs, please insert the usb cable correctly until rgb is shown. my dumbass didn’t insert the usb fully and the rgb didnt show up. but its okay now lol


My experience pretty good so far. I guess manufacturer is listening to customer feedbacks and making changes in keyboard. My keyboard feels very new and improved. Keyboard is pretty heavy according to size of it, I was quite amazed since the whole body is all plastic. I guess they've added some additional weight to it. Tactility of these gateron brown feels satisfying. Switches and stabilizers feels pre lubed, which is good. Keyboard doesn't sound hollow and rattly. Especially these big keys like spacebar, backspace, shifts sounds very THOCCY! I'm very impressed by the sound of the keyboard. Totally bang for the buck! I'll 100% recommend if someone is looking forward to buy this keyboard. The only complain is keyboard software experience is very boring. They should update it and make it more user friendly. I don't know what should I mod in this keyboard lol.

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